Brentano hits the silver screen

The Brentano Quartet is now on (or at least behind) the silver screen! The critically acclaimed film “A Late Quartet”, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener, and directed by Yaron Zilberman, opened on November 2.

Based on Beethoven’s late quartet, opus 131, the film uses our new recording of this work as the basis of its soundtrack. Our cellist Nina, complete with glamorous hairdo, has a walk-on role (appearing as herself, a role she is perfectly suited for), and best of all gets to hear her name said, several times, by some of her favorite actors!


Check out the film’s website here:


or go to the movies and see it today.

  • Gator

    I just finished watching ‘A Late Quartet’ and had to find out who performed the soundtrack. The combination of story line, excellent cast and beautiful music created a film that encompassed a wide array of human emotions.
    I recommend this movie to any true music lover and will be adding it, and Brentano recordings, to my library.
    My thanks to Brentano String Quartet for a wonderful experience.

  • charles goldenbelt

    A really marvellous movie, thank you so much!
    Regards from a cold Amsterdam.

  • When Nina Lee joins the ‘Fugue quartet’ in the film, and they start playing, one realises that a real-life musician has joined three actors. Great scene-stealer Nina Lee!

    I have learned to deal with my irritation at people standing up in front of me to have a chat while film credits roll. When I saw ‘A late quartet’ in London, everybody stayed in their seats, quietly, listening to the music.

    Have just bought the CD as a result of seeing the film. Thank you Brentano Quartet.

  • MFC

    Great movie and great music by a great quatuor!

  • david taylor

    This movie motivates us to see you in San Francisco in May. David- Oregon